X-Elerated Leveling Guide Review

X-Elerated GuideWhat Is X-Elerated?

The X-Elerated Package is a rush leveling guide for World of Warcraft aka WoW.

The X-Elerated Leveling Guide combines an in-game addon that ultimately leads you from quest to quest all the way to 85 from level 1 or whatever level you are currently at on installation, along with a succession of “Class Training Videos” that teach you the best way to solo with your class.

X-Elerated guides and addon was produced to fill a void in the leveling guide world – a void where the importance of quest routes is systematically addressed with addon after addon, but the importance of kill speed, efficiency, and survivability while leveling, is not concerned with at all.

I was amazed when I first purchased the package. I thought it was going to be just like every other guide out there, but boy was I wrong! The X-Elerated team says that power-leveling is 50% high-powered quest route and 50% efficient mob killing. They are really onto something, for the reason that I have In no way been so impressed with a WoW guide in all my years of playing (play time = 4 years)!

What Is Included With X-Elerated Guide?

The X-Elerated Guide Package includes a surprising amount of information and beneficial tools for an online WoW guide. Most of the leveling guides I have seen have the usual questing addon, then a bunch of bonus freebies. But hey, freebies are great you are probably thinking! Don’t get me wrong, freebies are Great but if the freebie is totally unrelated or useless, then what is the point of having a freebie? =)

For the price of just the X-Elerated guide itself, you get the in-game questing addon (for both Horde & Alliance) to make solo leveling a piece of cake; over 130 free Class Leveling Videos to maximize your dps and minimize downtime while leveling; a free life-time membership to xeleratedwarcraftguides.com (basically a place where you can ask questions, and a WoW expert will answer you!); a gold guide designed specifically to perform in tandem with the questing addon and finally, free updates for the entire existence of Warcraft!

That is one of the leading pluses for me, for any product I could possibly buy – WoW related or not. I love freebies, but what I REALLY love are freebies that are actually (gasp!) related to the product. With Booster, the bonuses are legitimately beneficial and relevant to leveling. It is like they actually thought about what they wanted the product to do for people and what they wanted to include in the package, instead of just throwing in a bunch of free crap at the last minute to bump their sales.

How many times have you purchased some online thing that’s supposed to rock your socks, but you never even had taken a peep at? I will not admit how many times that’s happen to me – prefer to keep my reputation in tact here! But I actually use everything that came with Booster. Finally, an online product with related bonuses….WOW!

Best Parts of X-Elerated Warcraft Guides

Aside from the obvious – enjoying being led around by the in-game questing addon, I do have two favorite parts of the guide: the Class Leveling Videos, and the free life-time updates. The Class Leveling Videos put together the missing pieces of the leveling puzzle. Long story short, watching these videos explained why other guides haven’t worked for me in the past. I was just missing too much of the puzzle!

Free life-time updates are really cool, and something I think most of us tend to undervalue. It is an immense amount of work, but with X-Elerated Warcraft Guides you get it for free. And the best part of the updates? They include the Cataclysm 80-85 leveling update. Never having to buy anything else or worry about your precious purchase becoming outdated is a pretty big deal, especially in the modern era of ever-changing technology.

Customer Service – Amazing

First of all, I just want to mention that I’ve been using the product for couple of months now, and have only encountered TWO very minor problems.

I won’t get into who did what, but I had a rather upsetting encounter with another guide site’s “customer service people”, that left me hesitant to buy anything of this nature online again. But no issues like that with the X-Elerated customer service – they are friendly, helpful, and they all know about WoW!

The only issues I’ve had at all were these two tiny bugs that happened with my in-game addon. But to my relief, when I e-mailed the dreaded online support team, they were able to fix the problem right away… How refreshing!

X-Elerated Speed Leveling Guide, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of WoW expert, though I’ve been playing cumulatively for about four years (yeah, I used to be one of those on again, off again types).

I started my first toon right as BC came out, and I was having such a hard time leveling that I almost quit playing all together. Not only because I had no idea what I was doing, but the endless gankfest on my toon (fire mage).

To solve the gankfest issue, I transferred my mage to a PVE server and then leveled my mage and two more to 85 by myself. Each took several weeks of playtime to 80, and then a couple of weeks to 85 after Cataclysm before I stumbled upon the -Elerated Package a couple of months ago. I thought “wow, I wish I had this when I first started!” But as a very skeptical buyer, I figured that by now I probably already knew everything I needed to know about leveling. Lol, boy I was wrong.

Their hassle-free return policy swayed me – I mean, if I’m as leet as I think I am, I can just return it right? Well, sadly for me, upon purchasing the X-Elerated Package, I found out not only was I NOT as leet as I thought… but I only knew about 10% of the strategies and tricks behind “pro” leveling.

The X-Elerated Package totally revolutionized the way I level. My newest toon (a warrior) hit 85 in… (drumroll)… 5 DAYS & 2 HOURS! Holy sh**! Without the X-Elerated Package I would still be leveling her to 85.

I never hesitate to recommend the X-Elerated Guide Package to all my friends and guild mates who having a hard time leveling (or who just want to try and beat my new guild leveling record!).


Bottom line for World of Warcraft X-Elerated Guide Package: Highly Recommended


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